Client Reviews

Testimonials: Past Clients Confirm Our Track Record of Success

Over the years, the attorneys at Lubin Austermuehle have successfully tackled numerous high-stakes cases and demonstrated our skill in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. We offer a level of personalized attention that you won't always get from larger law firms, considering each client's specific needs and budget in order to come up with a winning strategy.

Here's what some of our past clients have to say about the legal services they received from our Chicago litigation lawyers handling high-stakes business litigation, intellectual property disputes, and defamation and libel cases, along with other types of lawsuits.

Quick to respond, clever, and they know their stuff. These are the kinds of people you want on your side.

- Jesse R.

I want to publicly thank Peter Lubin, Terry Buehler, Trease Riley, and the entire team at Lubin Austermuehle, P.C. They were very professional, diligent, and supportive, representing me in a very complicated legal matter. I highly recommend them!

- Jorge R.

It's challenging when you need legal help because a lot of times you look for what you want to hear I was fortunate enough to meet Peter who told me the truth, had the education had the background, and the knowledge respect for me to tell me whether I like it, or not what the truth is did not waste my time. Did not waste my money respected me is there anything more you could possibly from a lawyer than that??

- Brian Q.

I've had the opportunity to be represented by Peter Lubin on an auto fraud purchase and I was literally blown away. He along with his team were nothing short of amazing. Right from the start, they knew how to approach the case, how to make sure the dealer that ripped me off, would take the car back and pay me back every penny! It all happened fast and exactly like he said it would. Not only that, but his fee was very, very reasonable. Mr. Peter Lubin is a top notch lawyer, I would recommend to anyone. Definitely the best!!!

- Aduba V.

I am at a loss for words when it comes to describing the sheer brilliance of Peter and his exceptional team. Their unwavering support during my employment and libel matter was nothing short of extraordinary. I must mention the delightful experience of conversing with their office manager, Trease, who not only alleviated my anxieties but also guided me back to a place of clarity. This team exudes kindness and possesses an unparalleled level of expertise in their field.

- Shannon V.

This is a great law firm to work with. Peter was very knowledgeable and saved me from making a very costly mistake on some bad advice I was given. He also was very upfront and honest about the best way to proceed on my issue without jumping into to useless fees. He will shoot you straight, which can be hard to find when looking for a great lawyer. I highly recommend.

- Ryan D.

I had a great consultation with Mr. Lubin. Solid firm and Strong Litigators. I highly recommend them for all business/libel litigation. Very knowledge team of attorneys. 5 stars!

- Phil H.

I reached out to Peter regarding a small business contract. He was quick with his communication and very straight forward on what we should do. He answered all my questions and made me feel at ease with next steps. He provided legal advice and proper guidance. I will be using him for any legal issues in the future.

- Rose A.

I was messaging attorneys regarding identity theft and Peter Scott Lubin was the only one who pointed me to the right lawyer, Stacy Bardo. Even though he didn't handle cases regarding identity theft he pointed me in the right direction. Really appreciated him taking the time and recommending a lawyer who was ultimately able to help me out.

- Anonymous

I would like to start by thanking Peter and Terry for helping me with a class action lawsuit that was filed against my company. Both Peter and Terry went above and beyond their call of duty and help me through this legal battle not only with plantiff attorneys but with a lying, cheating and spineless business partner that was trying to take no responsibility and trying to hold me responsible for the entire case. Peter and Terry brought him to justice, held him responsible and settled the case. I was very pleased with the results. I appreciate all of their hard work and delecation through this process and definitely recommend them with two thumbs up. Once again, thank you for all of your hard work. Tony

- Tony N.

Many thanks to Mr. Peter Lubin for communicating with me quickly to meet. I had the pleasure of an efficient, effective, and honest discussion with him. He was extremely kind and also generous with his time, was open with discussing recommendations and what was in my best interests. It is rare to meet someone who is from the start concerned with my best outcomes and can provide a proper strategy weighing the options, and Mr. Lubin did just that. I highly recommend him and know you will be as pleased and appreciative of his service and expertise as I am. Thank you Peter!

- Lori G.

Super kind and generous. I highly recommend. Peter wants to help. Great guy! He took time and called me many times to help.

- Russell W.

Best and most helpful person ever! Peter is very professional and responded very quickly to request. He is very good at what he does. Provided me with great advice and is very easy to work with and talk to.

- Senad Mangafic

I needed to hire an attorney that specialized in consumer protection law due to a 1) poor decision I made on purchasing a car, and 2) rectify the post-sale poor treatment from the dealership. I made multiple calls to the dealership's management with no acknowledgement nor response from them. I had the pleasure of working with Peter Lubin, and I could tell right at the start that he knew what he was doing and that I could trust him. Not only did I get the best-case scenario and was essentially made whole, the amount of time it took to resolve the matter far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Mr. Lubin and his firm.

- Ryan G.

I would highly recommend using Peter Lubin as an attorney for many important reasons. Mainly, I respect Peter Lubin for his unrivaled caliber of representation he provides to his clients. I have never had clearer communication come from an attorney, I knew what to expect during the entire process. I had peace of mind knowing that I was in very competent hands to resolve my case. From the first time I spoke to Peter he gave me clear direction on our next steps and how the case would resolve in the end, and he was spot on. I was made whole by the process and would use his services again without any hesitation. A true 5 star attorney!

- Corey D.

I've had a wonderful experience with Mr. Lubin. He listened to my concerns and put me at ease throughout the entire process. He communicated every step of the way and kept me updated on my case. I am grateful for his help!

- Monica S.

I had the pleasure of working with Peter recently and he is a very talented Internet defamation attorney. He was responsive, and gave me terrific advice, and a solid strategy. I look forward to working with him again. It's hard to find good people knowledgeable in the space, and I would recommend him to anyone. If you have an Internet problem, go to Peter.

- Michael J.

We contacted Peter after we were served with a libel/defamation civil suit. After we sent the initial email, we were contacted directly by Peter within the hour of sending. He took a long time listening to what we had to say about our case, offered very good advice on securing coverage through our Umbrella Policy, and then scheduled yet another consultation via Zoom at no-charge that lasted for an hour. We hired him to represent us and he assembled the most amazing team and held steadfast with all his communications with the plaintiff's Attorney, maintaining that everything we said about the Plaintiff was 100% accurate. Our case was eventually voluntarily dismissed by the other party without prejudice, and if the case is reopened by the plaintiff in the following year, we now know we have access to one of the finest Attorney's that money (or insurance) can buy.

- Eric

I cannot accurately express my immense gratitude for Peter and his team!! I'm so thankful for their dedication to me and my family's legal needs. Pete's communication throughout the entire process was excellent! I never felt like our case was any less important than anything else Pete was working on. He was extremely straight forward and walked me through each step and how things would transpire. I would highly recommend Lubin Austermuehle, P.C. for anyone looking the most top notch lawyer that will get the job done! I won't go anywhere else for any of my future legal needs. Thanks again Pete for taking on my case and for providing your expert services for my family and I!

- Jonathan O.

I purchased a 1965 Mustang GT-350 that was supposed to have been completely restored "no expense spared"... when I received it, it looked like this was true but after digging deep into the car it became evident that the dealer that sold me the car cut every corner they could. The car was actually worth 1/6th of what I paid for it. I called Peter Lubins office. I left my details and Peter called me back within a half hour. He drew up a complaint, filed it and the criminal dealer settled. I received every penny lost on this fraudulent transaction. I highly recommend Peter and his firm. Peter is tough and fights hard for his clients!

- Bart D.

I've know Peter for several year now and he is one of the best litigation attorney's in the country, period! I would trust Peter to handle any legal issue that arose, either by himself or by his extensive network of trusted attorneys. His partner Patrick is also exceptional. They are my only choice for any litigation issue because they both are very knowledgeable, professional, caring and responsive.

- Ryan M.

A highly intelligent business litigator with countless years of experience and some very high-profile cases. I have nothing but faith that Peter Lubin is always looking out for my interests. I would recommend Lubin Austermuehle, P.C. to anyone who was looking for an intelligent attorney who cares about you and your business. Peter is completely dedicated to his client's ultimate success.

- Donna M.

I had a free amazing consultation with Peter Lubin. He is very knowledgeable, smart and gave me great free advice. He spent a lot of time with me. A lot of attorneys will not spend time giving you good advice. Thank you Peter!

- Peggy W.

Mr. Lubin is a a kind, experienced attorney who will use his years of knowledge to fight for you. If you are faced with a legal situation, you need someone who will be there for you and support you through it. Mr. Lubin is that lawyer.

- Cari O.

Peter Lubin is a wonderful attorney who takes the time to listen and try and find a solution for you. He gave me wonderful advice and connected me with another attorney that he thought may be a better fit for my unique issue. Peter is highly regarded in the legal community and I would definitely reach out to him for any legal help you may need. If he can’t personally help you, he is very well connected and respected and will send you in the right direction to help you.

- Curtis P.

I found Lubin Austermuehle on google when I needed a Chicago area attorney for a vehicle fraud purchase. I felt hopeless as I'm located many states away, but it was an IL purchase. After verifying their legitimacy with a Chicago based attorney friend, I contacted them and began dialogue with Peter Lubin. Peter struck me as a bit eccentric in his communication style, but he was straightforward and no bs, which I appreciate. Long story short, this was a very challenging case in the sense that the other side did everything in their power to drag things out, make unnecessary demands and generally make thinks difficult. Peter and Terry Buehler were incredibly persistent and never gave up. They provided constant communication and ultimately settled the case in my favor. Trust these guys... they deliver!!

- C.D.

Mr. Peter Lubin is a great attorney with impeccable knowledge and ethics. He is a great communicator who is available and happy to answer your questions any time of the day. He is very transparent and always gives an honest opinion and is not worried about his billing like many other attorneys. He takes time to understand your case and also go through the evidence.
I had hired another attorney prior to him and I am so glad that I switched to Mr. Lubin at the right time. He turned my case around 360 degrees.
I won my case as a plaintiff hands down. And in the process, Mr. Lubin even got me awarded the Attorney fees and all my costs and interest as well !!!
Plus he even got the other party's attorney Sanctioned by the cook county judge !
Me and my family were only thankful for one thing this thanksgiving and that was to come across Mr. Peter Lubin in life. He was a godsend for me !

- Sahil S.

Peter's knowledge and expertise are top notch. He is quick to respond, has a thorough understanding of the legal process, and is approachable and a pleasure to work with.

- Eric K.

I am a licensed attorney in Illinois who has been running a successful attorney recruitment agency since 1988. I have placed attorneys on five continents- Australia, South America, ( mostly U.S.), the Middle East and Europe. (I have also placed attorneys in Hawaii and Alaska.) In 2005, I placed former President Reagan's personal attorney- his close friend and confidant. In 2000 I placed the partners who populated Reed Smith's first office in Manhattan. I have placed attorneys at IBM, Siemens, Johnson and Johnson and numerous AMLAW 200 firms. Peter Lubin isn't just smart, he's a generous practitioner who puts his client first. What may be paradoxical, he's a smart guy who attended the University of Chicago Law School and Dartmouth as an undergrad. Listening to his advice, you would never guess he has that level of education- not an entitled air at all. He is thoughtful, down to earth, patient and generous- he has empathy for his clients as well as very strong legal expertise and experience. As someone who has placed some of the best attorneys in the world since the 1980's, I can tell you that Peter could stand with any of them. I can't recommend him enough.

- Nicholas K.

Best law firm in entire city of Chicago. Period. Best

- Alexandra D.

I had the great fortune of working with both Peter Lubin and Terry Buehler in my case which involved breach of fiduciary duty, stolen corporate opportunity, and being squeezed out of my company. When it comes to playing this type of legal 3D chess - putting creative, strategic pressure on a case with many moving parts - it would be hard to find a better outfit. Peter and Terry, both with decades of experience, thoughtfully applied their deep backgrounds with agility and persistence, which in the end of the day helped me win back my company. I should also note they were both more than generous with their time, available for and thorough in their explanations, and flexible enough with their fees so I could see this chapter through and come out ahead.

If you need true legal experts in any of these areas, I can't recommend enough that you give Peter and Terry a call.

- Ryan B.

Where do I start?! Peter is simply amazing! I contacted him regarding a dispute with my employer contract. Peter immediately returned my initially and subsequent calls until the issued was complete. I truly appreciated his no nonsense, straight forward approach when advising me of how to handle my situation. Peter is trustworthy, kind and very personable. I truly appreciated his candor in the midst of an upsetting time. Peter listened to my concerns and answered my questions in a professional and thoughtful manner. He is an exemplary attorney with a vast knowledge and attention to detail. If you're looking for an attorney to represent, protect and defend you interest, look no further. Peter is the attorney for you.

- Phillip C.

I am an attorney in licensed in both Connecticut and Texas. I was searching for answers and expertise to fight against a group of people terrorizing and defaming me and found Peter's firm. I reached out to Peter via email not expecting to reach him because, not only was it very late on a Friday afternoon, I had identified myself as living outside of Chicago so he would know I would not be able to become a client. But Peter called me immediately and then spent close to an hour and a half counseling me on the steps and remedies I could pursue and analyzing the specifics of my own case. I offered to pay his consulting fee and he refused despite me taking his valuable time. Peter's professional yet compassionate approach to my situation accompanied by his knowledge of the area of law, substantive, procedural, practical, possible provided me the strength, guidance, strategy and knowledge to defend myself. Even though I only spent that time on the phone with him, he possessed the characteristics that I think all attorneys should embody. The only disappointment I had was that he could not represent me.

- Shawna H.

Pete was very prompt and took the time to understand my situation and patiently answered all the questions I had. He was quick to follow up and provide additional clarity on matters that seemed confusing to me.

- Gaurav S.

I feel lucky that the first lawyer I called for my consumer fraud complaint was Peter Lubin. As a consumer trying to take on a big dealership and a huge car maker I was feeling defeated and sorry for myself. I was sold a CPO vehicle that was in a wreck and both the dealership and the car maker was blaming me and ignoring me.Thats when I decided to call a consumer fraud attorney and I definitely got lucky finding the no nonsense straight to the point lawyer Peter Lubin. I felt I had the right people in my corner and they couldn't ignore Peter like they ignored me. Him and his team took these thieves on and got me more than I could've ever imagine. Thank you Lubin Austermuehle for standing up for consumers like myself.

- Mike L.

Pete Lubin helped me with a very challenging, out of state, automobile purchase. It was a complete disaster. The dealership completely falsified the truth about the condition of the vehicle. Both mechanical and aesthetic. There were scratches dings, dents, engine lights, leaking fluids, etc. Peter, and his team, dealt with this very expeditiously. The case was won. I recovered all of my losses. I am grateful as a human being and as veteran. We all serve each other in different ways. Peter served this case perfectly. Thank you!

- Jason B.

I needed help with some non-solicit advice. Peter Lubin called me back very quickly, and helped me through it. He was able to review my contract, and advise me on my options. Highly recommended!

- Christopher D.

I needed a little guidance regarding a dispute with my former employer over the right to obtain unemployment benefits following a lay off. Peter replied to my message on Yelp almost immediately even though he was on vacation. He had only dealt with a couple cases of mine's specific nature but was eager to help and even suggested I call him. Instead I let him enjoy his vacation and asked for a reference. The contact he provided proved to be a great help and if I ever need counsel again I won't hesitate to employ Peter's firm. Thank you!

- Ben S.

Peter Lubin was very helpful and responded quickly to my questions.

- Katelyn Reinhart

I needed legal direction and I am beyond grateful for Peter Lubin. He responded immediately and is very connected. He came highly recommended and was able to provide the relief and support of a winning attorney when I needed one most. Thank you Peter Lubin!

- Brandy M.

Peter Lubin is a loyal and talented lawyer. He is an effective communicator and sees the big picture. He is honest with his clients. He devotes himself to his clients and is very responsive and available. During the Covid pandemic he has also been very flexible. In all the lawyers I looked to hire he stood out as the most ethical and talented.

- Phillip R.

Pete was an excellent resource in discussing my employers' non-compete agreement.

- Ben M.

Mr. Lubin is responsible to answer all the questions. He returned the phone call quickly and he is a kind person to work with.

- V. Z.

Peter Lubin is the best attorney I've ever worked with. I happen to be an attorney, and over the past decade, I've hired 4 attorneys for various personal matters. I'm used to attorneys doing the minimum, especially when it comes to giving case updates and returning phone calls. When I hired Peter, he went above and beyond. With our first telephone call, he was immediately ready to resolve the legal dispute, updated me regularly, and gave me the honest truth about the weaknesses/strengths of my case. Peter was especially knowledgeable in defamation/slander/libel and helped negotiate a quick resolution to my dispute, especially during COVID-19. If you have a serious civil lawsuit, Peter Lubin is impressive.

- Cynthia Pietrucha

Peter Lubin is an Angel. I was in need of a lawyer who could litigate my noncompete case, & he did just that. Peter was very honest, upfront, quick and efficient. His team is knowledgeable and helpful. I am forever thankful for Peters wonderful work ethic.

God Bless Peter

- Karla J.

Peter was very responsive, answered all my questions and patiently discussed options with me.

- Jeanette De Marshimun.

Peter was quick and thorough. He gave me some feedback on a contract and I was impressed with his guidance. I wouldn't hesitate to contact them in the future.

- Patrick T.

Peter and his team were 100% professional executed like they said they would did what they said they would when they said they would do it highly recommend Peter and his team thank you again.

- Steve Pacchiano

First class firm and Peter Lubin is without a doubt one of the Finest attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. He even refunded a portion of our retainer and I guarantee that was the first time in my life that ever happened. Easy to talk to, pragmatic and down to earth guy. Great law firms start with great lawyers and he is one of the best.

- Peter D'Angelo

I reached-out for assistance on a matter and within 15 minutes of submitting contact info I was contacted by Peter Lubin. We talked live and I shared the background of the issues about which I had questions. Peter provided an immediate and succinct opinion on the matter as if I had been a client of the firm for years. As a lawyer for more than 25 years, I was very impressed with Peter's responsiveness, confidence and substantive knowledge.

- William H.

Peter Lubin is absolutely amazing. Literally everything you would want in a lawyer. He’s thorough, and responsive, Keeps you updated. You Don’t have to hunt him down. He avails himself for all your questions and Concerns. And he knows what he’s doing. He's articulate and knowledgeable which is very important because I've seen lawyers where you question how they passed the Bar exam. A confident lawyer that you can feel confident in, allowing you to stress less.

- Cynthia C.

This attorney at law is above the rest, in my opinion. In fact, he is my SUPER HERO. My case was difficult to find help because it crossed state lines and was a complaint about a used car dealership. Then along came Lubin law firm. I personally worked on this issue for a year, even to the point of taking used car dealership classes to find a way to right this wrong. No case is too small or too large for Mr. Lubin and his qualified team. Peter Lubin has years of experience working with used car dealerships and is not intimated easily. With his highly qualified team and auto expert our case was finally settled. His litigation expertise put us in the right arena right from the beginning. Things not often found in a law practice that this firm has abundantly is a real desire to help, respect for the client and doesn't mess around with the truth. I can't thank Mr. Lubin and his team enough and HIGHLY recommend them to become your HERO.

- Donna S.

Peter Lubin, thank you for saving my case, you are the best. After ten months of no results, Peter join the case as a co-counsel . From that very day everything changed. Peter's knowledge and expertise closed and settle this case in three months. During the process, Peter was always available to guide and explain the steps for fair and quickest resolution. I would gladly recommend Peter as your next, He is above the rest. He is the BEST!!!

- Wojciech G.

Wonderful attorney who really cares about people and wants to help people. Peter Lubin was very responsive, listened and gave honest answers to my questions.

- Sarah J.

I reached out to Lubin Austermuehle to review a non-compete agreement I had with a previous employer. Peter Lubin promptly reached out to me and reviewed my contract. His legal expertise was exactly what I was looking for as he had seen many cases that were similar to mine. He provided me with free legal advice that other lawyers were trying to charge me big bucks for! Being a skeptic, I expected that I'd actually end up paying at the end of the "free" consultation. Nope, it was actually just free. Thanks Peter! I know who I'll be reaching out to next time.

- Ken Y.

I needed the opinion of an experienced employment lawyer in the Chicago area. He responded quickly, delivered a well-informed consultation about my situation, and it was just generally a pleasant conversation. Definitely glad I called!

- Joseph H.

Peter Lubin was the only lawyer who was willing to take our case. For two reasons we were not able to find help. 1-We lived in WI and had an issue with 2-a used car dealership. No concern is too small or too large for Mr. Lubin and his highly qualified team. It took me a year of trying to get a wrong righted. Peter Lubin has years of experience working with car dealerships and is not intimidated easily. With his team and auto expert our case was finally settled. His litigation expertise put us in the right arena from the beginning. Something not often found in a law practice that this firm has abundantly, is a real desire to help, respect for the client and doesn't mess around with the truth. I can't thank this firm enough and HIGHLY recommend them to be your HERO.

- Donna S and Roger O

Peter Lubin is incredible. I personally hate dealing with lawyers and have always found them to be stuck up and pretentious. Not Lubin. Super helpful, super down to earth guy. Made me feel a lot better about my position and even though he knew I couldn't afford his services at the time, he still gave me ample advice to work with and was honest about what I needed to do. Never gonna forget this lawyer and not going to anyone else if I need a lawyer again in the future. Also, their front receptionist who answered the main line was also so pleasant and had so much empathy, instantly put me at ease.

- Immad Khalid

Just had a phone consultation with Peter. I will not hesitate to hire him and recommend him to my relatives or friends. He provided very detailed professional consultation. I appreciate his attention to details, patience and time he spent with me. I am confident he will competently handle my case.

- Rimma P.

I called Lubin Austermuehle for advice and help for a libel case; while we did not end up working with them, all staff we encountered were patient, helpful and COMPASSIONATE when I was describing our legal scenario. Peter Lubin took the time to both give us guidance on the types of ways we can move forward legally and recommended a professional contact that had excellent credentials and reviews. I can't really describe how grateful I am, but they really made us feel heard and validated. I highly recommend reaching out to them if you looking for an intelligent, highly professional, and thoughtful law office to work on your case.

- Josie H.

I contacted Lubin Austermuehle, P.C. seeking guidance on a civil issue. Peter Lubin was professional, helpful, and responsive - he even took time out of his weekend to explain to me what the next steps were and what I needed to do to remedy my issue. I am happy with the advice and guidance I've received, and am confident that Peter understood and protected my best interests. I would not hesitate to recommend Lubin Austermuehle to any of my friends and family if they are seeking legal representation.

- Chad J.

Pete helped remove me from a hugely toxic business relationship and made me feel confident that I was in the right hands. He is honest, trustworthy, understanding, and compassionate. While I do hope that I do not have to go through this nightmare again, he made this experience pleasant and I will continue to refer anyone that I know to him. If you're looking for the best, Pete is it!

- Mik M.

I called Peter to discuss a potential fraud case. He was very responsive and helpful.

- Jessica B

Peter was very professional, listened to the entire situation intently and provided valuable counsel. I would recommend highly without reservations.

- Madan A.

Very impressed with the honesty and responsiveness of this firm! I would highly recommend.

- Elizabeth S.

Peter was fantastic! He helped us remedy a situation where we purchased a car that was misrepresented by a dishonest car dealership. Throughout the process, I always felt like I was in good hands. He checked in with us frequently to provide updates via phone and email, and I felt comfortable asking questions. He worked hard to make sure that we were satisfied with the outcome.

- Rachel R.

Peter is a very skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. I would highly recommend him to any one looking for legal assistance as Peter is one of the very few attorneys in Illinois I have found who cares and put the client's interest first.

- Van R.

Mr Lubin helped me in a very complex dispute .He has a wealth of knowledge and brain stormed solutions . He worked hard to help me find a solution dealing with some very bad people who took advantage of my vulnerability. I would trust him to handle any situation.

- Nancy M.