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Focused on relationships, driven by results. At Lubin Austermuehle (LA), good client relationships mean everything to us. After decades in the business of being Chicago business lawyers, we know that powerful, productive relationships happen all the time, but creating a personal relationship that even evolves into a friendship is a different and wonderful (highly desirable?) thing.

Personal relationships take time. At our firm, they are the product of intense listening and genuine caring. From your first day at Lubin Austermuehle, you will know that you are valued. That comes through in our welcoming response, our client service, including our day and night accessibility, and a deeper level of personal attention. It also comes through in the focused and fierce dedication we have to resolving your business dispute(s) successfully. Among other resources, we use analytics to measure results and cost efficiency. And your Chicago Business Attorneys can adapt nimbly if we need to in order to ensure your legal victory and our services at an affordable rate.

Cool under fire. The measure of our mettle at Lubin Austermuehle is how we remain cool under fire. Our Chicago trial attorneys are at ease in heated courtroom environments and tackle complicated cases with flexibility, speed, diligence, and an unyielding will to win, either outright or though substantial settlements.

Winning’s in the wind. To help you come out on top --whether you’re an individual, small or large business – LA, your Chicago Business Attorneys, start by delving deep into your unique litigation needs. Next, we develop a mastery of the evidence and law, then cross examine witnesses to obtain damaging admissions. Even when the winds are against us we can successfully navigate a win. As an example, we have obtained wins for our clients at the appellate court level when the judge did not agree with our position or when the opposition appealed a trial court victory. The verdict in our client’s favor was not appealing to the opposition.

No industry or complex business dispute left behind. When you look at our track record over our many years of service, we’ve had the honor of tackling a huge range of dispute issues for individuals and businesses in huge variety of industries involving many different types of complex commercial disputes or class action claims. These cases include: prosecuting and defending copyright infringement, trade secret theft and restrictive covenant lawsuits, as well as franchise and dealership termination claims. We represent shareholders and LLC members in closely held business disputes, breach of fiduciary duty and shareholder oppression cases.

The Chicago Business Attorneys of Lubin Austermuehle not only handle large business disputes, our firm is also proud to represent professionals, such as doctors, dentists or lawyers in defamation, libel and slander cases and partnership and wage disputes. We’ve heard and responded to the call for help from consumers on Yelp and Google. If the big guys bring out their slander, libel and defamation guns, we arm our clients with a fierce defense of their First Amendment right to voice their opinion. We’ve also prosecuted or defended wrongful employment termination, civil rights and employment discrimination claims.

No small record of achievement for noteworthy causes, cases and clients. At Lubin Austermuehle, our hard work and years of experience have resulted in a record of distinct victories on behalf of our clients. We've assisted owners, LLC members or shareholders in closely held companies vindicate their rights, and in some instances obtained multi-million-dollar recoveries in fraud, shareholder oppression or breach of fiduciary duty claims.

We are knowledgeable regarding the changes and complexities of copyright and trademark law and can offer decades of experience and success fighting for our clients' property rights and defending them against baseless infringement claims.

Class action triumphs on behalf of many wronged parties. The Chicago Business Attorneys at Lubin Austermuehle are singularly effective in class action lawsuits when many have been wronged. We have successfully defended companies in high-stakes class action suits involving hundreds of millions of dollars in claimed damages. Here are notable successes we happily shared with many people who put their faith and trust in our ability to navigate financial and emotional wins on their behalf.

  • We obtained a $40 million settlement in the Erikson v. Ameritech class action suit listed by Crain's Chicago Business as the second largest settlement in Illinois for the year.
  • We’ve served as lead counsel for plaintiffs in well over a hundred putative or certified state and nationwide class action suits.
  • Based on Peter Lubin’s commitment to the ideals of the legal profession, the DuPage Legal Assistance Foundation recognized Mr. Lubin and his firm as “Law Firm of the Year.”
  • Visit the record and press sections of our site to see media coverage of some of our biggest accomplishments.
Stop the Damage, Find Justice, Free your Business from Costly Damage with an Injunction

Can a verdict in your favor be inadequate? Can justice cast a blind eye when it comes to a clear need for greater reparations for harm done to your business? The answer is unquestionably yes, which is why the recourse of an injunction exists in our legal system. Injunctions are extraordinary remedies issued to make a person or business do something or stop them from doing something.

At Lubin Austermuehle, we offer great strength and experience in pursuing injunctions on behalf of a wide range of commercial clients. There are many kinds of injunctions: Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO’s.) Preliminary and Permanent injunctions, as well as Declaratory Judgements, too. We always counsel clients from the start that, in most instances, in order to receive a permanent injunction, the plaintiff’s attorney (us) must demonstrate the imminent danger of irreparable injury, as well as the inadequacy of legal remedies to provide justice and relief. One of the great powers of seeking an injunction is forcing a settlement, which can stop the injustices from continuing and can mean lucrative gain.

You can find additional information on the kinds of injunctive relief available to you by clicking here. You can also gain input and guidance regarding your during a FREE Lubin Austermuehle consultation where we discuss your specific issues, our capabilities and your chances for success. Call 630-333-0333 or Contact us now.

If Your Business Needs Immediate Injunction Relief, Contact Lubin Austermuehle!

If your business is facing a potential economic disaster or irreparable harm to your brand and bottom line, you don’t need to wait for traditional methods of litigation to end the onslaught. Gain immediate relief and even overnight justice with emergency action initiated by Lubin Austermuele attorneys who have successfully obtained injunctions for clients for more than 20 years.

We have fought for and gained relief for clients using: Preliminary Restraining Orders, Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO’s), Permanent Restraining Orders and Declaratory Judgments. Temporary restraining orders, or TROs, prevent an entity from taking one or more actions, or compel them to do something, TRO’s have a very limited duration, so an application for a preliminary injunction usually follows, then a permanent injunction is sought after that. A declaratory judgment is another legal recourse we can pursue on your behalf. It allows you to make a preemptive strike against the party committing the harm. It’s a court order that clarifies or explains the legal obligations and rights of all parties to the suit and allows you to set the parameters for an upcoming legal dispute, and even where the dispute might take place.

When irreparable harm is indicated, you may literally be unable to wait for court action to stop the damage. That’s when to call Lubin Austermuehle and have us to pick up the lance and charge into action. For more information on specific situations that may qualify for immediate relief, click here. You can also call us at 630-333-0333 or contact us online to set up a FREE consultation that will give you an indication of our fit for your needs and your chances for litigation success.

Let Lubin Austermuehle Help You Through Potential Liabilities of Physician Group Disputes

In recent years, many independent medical practices have decided to merge with other physicians and form group practices. These mergers are beneficial in many ways: but the cures that joining forces provides can come with potential adverse reactions. Disputes can arise over issues regarding breach of contracts, mis-management, compensation disagreements, and on and on. If your physician group practice is facing potentially costly, disruptive and emotionally draining disputes and litigation – or if you’ve been wronged and want to pursue litigation, turn to the help, counsel and results-oriented practice of well-established Lubin Austermuehle.

Make the right call by clicking here to learn more regarding liabilities of disputes or contact us directly for a FREE consultation.

Here’s Help for Physician Groups Facing Non-Solicitation and Non-Compete Agreement Disputes

At Lubin Austermuehle, the most common call for our uncommon litigation assistance includes, medical practices or physicians dealing with non-compete, non-solicitation and confidentiality disputes.

Whether you’re acting on behalf of a practice that feels a transgression has occurred in one of these areas, or whether you’re a physician who feels you’re been unfairly restricted, we believe our experienced litigation attorneys at Lubin Austermuehle can be of great service. LA’s continuing mission, and we passionately accept it, is to work on behalf of our clients to mitigate losses, and reduce liabilities, costs and disruption while assuring the best possible outcome for those we are privileged to represent. Discover more about restrictive clauses by clicking here .

Check Out Two More Dispute Areas Critically Important to Medical Groups Getting to Know and Trust Your Chicago Business Attorneys Isn’t Complex

For decades in the Chicago area, we’ve made it our business to unravel complex business disputes for our clients. But getting to know, trust and use us isn’t complex at all. The simple facts are we believe in hard work, providing the highest level of quality legal representation and making it our business to give you the personal attention you deserve. On behalf of our clients, we aim for and usually gain victories in the name of justice and just compensation.

Taking a stand on behalf of businesses and individuals who have been maligned, abused, or treated unfairly or unjustly is what we stand for. We’d be proud to stand with you!

Lubin Austermuehle has experience handling the following types of business litigation matters:

  • Shareholder owner, LLC member and partnership disputes
  • Shareholder and LLC member freeze outs and squeeze outs in closely held businesses
  • Stolen trade secrets
  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Business fraud
  • Non-compete agreements and restrictive covenants
  • Defense of businesses facing class action suits
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Wrongful franchise, dealer and distributor terminations
  • Real estate and all other types of contract disputes
  • Shareholder oppression and business dissolution claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Real-Estate fraud

In addition to business litigation, Lubin Austermuehle has successfully taken on cases in the following areas:

Please Make It Your Business to Contact Us

As we’ve stated, one of our most important attributes at Lubin Austermuehle is our willingness and ability to listen carefully. Call us at 630-333-0333 or contact us for FREE consultation. We can discuss your specific business law issue or issues and explain how we may be able to apply our skills and experience to resolve even the most complex business disputes.

The Case for Arbitration Versus Litigation

We are a long-time litigation law firm at Lubin Austermuehle (LA), but in certain circumstances we counsel clients that it may be better to arbitrate rather than litigate a disoute. Usually, arbitration is less formal and less expensive than litigation and you can get a decision faster which can cut down on legal fees (LA always watches the bottom line).

Instead of a judge parties in a dispute agree to let a neutral third party decide who should be awarded. The decision is issued after both sides have presented arguments and evidence. The arbitrator’s decision is final and there are no appeals, which is a potential downside.

Another potential problem is the lack of formal rules governing arbitrations and you don’t have to know the rules for collecting and presenting evidence, so a lot may depend on the individual arbitrator.

Lawyers may be allowed to do an informal discovery process where they investigate the case and present pertinent information and documentation that supports their position.

You May Want Legal Representation During Arbitration Because

1) The decision is final and it can impact the rest of your life; 2) Someone with experience needs to present a compelling argument on your behalf; 3) Arbitration may favor larger companies because there’s a good chance an employee or customer didn’t read the fine print of a contract that calls for “Mandatory arbitration” if there is a dispute. Businesses or consumers may find themselves facing a tough opponent, which is why you need an equally tough, tried and tested lawyer like the attorneys at Lubin Austermuele.

For businesses, we’re argued and won cases of fraud, wrongful termination, deceptive business practices, and many more. We’ve won for consumers too, especially with automobile fraud. We’re proud of our record for businesses and consumers and hope you’ll take a look the interesting causes and cases we’ve faced.

Use our FREE consultation to find out if arbitration or litigation is best for you. Call us at 630-333-0333 or Contact us today.

Client Reviews
I was referred to Peter Lubin from someone in the car business to handle a law suit. From the moment I made the appointment Peter and his staff were outstanding. This wasn't an easy case, most lawyers had turned me down. However, Peter took the time to meet with me and review everything. He took on the case, and constantly communicated with me about updates and case information. We beat this non-compete agreement case in record time. I would use him again and recommend him to my closest family and friends. 5 stars is not enough to thank him for his service. Sebastian R.
I worked on two occasions with Peter Lubin and his staff. They took their time with me and discussed each and every item in detail. The group makes you feel like you are part of the family and not just another hourly charge. I recommend Peter to anyone who asks me for a referral. If you are looking for a top notch attorney at a reasonable rate, look no further than Lubin Austermuehle. Kurt A.
Excellent law firm. My case was a complicated arbitration dispute from another state. Was handled with utmost professionalism and decency. Mr. Peter Lubin was able to successfully resolve the case on my behalf and got me a very favorable settlement. Would recommend to anyone looking for a serious law firm. Great staff and great lawyers! Albey L.
I have known Peter Lubin for over 30 years. He has represented me on occasion with sound legal advice. He is a shrewd and tough negotiator leading to positive outcomes and averting prolonged legal hassles in court. He comes from a family with a legal pedigree and deep roots in Chicago's top legal community. You want him on your case. You need him on your opponents case. He won't stop fighting until he wins. Christopher G.
Peter was really nice and helpful when I came to him with an initial question about a non-compete. Would definitely reach out again, recommended to everyone. Johannes B.
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Our Clients Have Included
  • Experian
  • Motorola
  • Molex
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Aspen Marketing
  • Blue Chip International
  • Epsilon
  • Lexington Homes
  • The J.R. Simplot Co.
  • The Silverlining
  • CI Financial
  • Converged Systems
  • Sentry
  • Ofer Mizrahi Diamonds Inc.
  • McDonald's Corporation
Companies We Have Brought Suit Against
  • Adelphia
  • AT&T
  • Daimler Chrysler
  • General Motors Company
  • American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
  • Toyota Motor Credit
  • US Bank
  • Groupon
  • Hollister
  • Hilton Hotels Corporation
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