Client Reviews - Part 3

I don't usually give reviews, but when I have received exceptional service, I felt a need to share this. I searched for a firm that dealt with Shareholder Oppression. I found Peter, a 2nd generation Attorney. Like his father he is brilliant, compassionate, honest and determined to get justice, sticking up for the little guy or gal. Peter and his team Sue Irion and Terry Buehler worked day and night including Weekends. They charged us for the work they put in and sometimes they did not charge us for some work they put in, WHAT?!? AND....they NEVER tacked on any extra time or rounding up, unlike our previous attorney. They persistently worked on this to get the best result possible. We believe Peter and his team were God sent. We could not have gotten it done without them. Peter and his team came through for us! We highly recommend Lubin/Austermuehle.

- Anthony Z.

I was feeling completely hopeless after buying a car that fell apart on me a month after owning it I called multiple attorneys and all of them demanded a lot of money out of me just to get the case started, then I was referred to Peter and his team and with one phone call I felt like everything was gonna be ok. It was a short hassle free and painless deal Peter and his team Trease and don they worked hard for me even when I felt like there was no chance of me getting my money they made the impossible possible. From the first day they responded fast to me and were extremely professional and understanding I got my money back and it's all thanks to Peter and his team would highly recommend him and his team for the job. Wish I could give them 100 stars

- Michael Krystyniak

We are so incredibly fortunate to have found the law firm of Lubin Austermuehle. From our initial consultation call, we knew that this was a firm that exuded professionalism and expertise. They have a wide array of legal experience and it definitely comes across in both their verbal and written communications. Peter Lubin and Jason Shanfield are extremely caring and compassionate people who respect their clients and value them as people. In addition, they are very understanding of the financial impact that lawsuits have on people and were sensitive to working with our budget. Their invoices are extremely detailed and clients can feel assured that they know exactly what they are being billed for. Peter and Jason have excellent communication skills and gave us regular updates during our time working together. Their writing skills were exceptional. We felt confident as events unfolded that we were in very capable hands. They were the one bright spot out of all the stress that we felt. We highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for legal representation.

- Jodi A.

I purchased a 2017 certified pre-owned car from a dealer in Chicago suburbs. From the day one I had a feeling something is not right with how the car drives since I owned the exact car which is 2016 model. After taking it to multiple dealers and not getting anything positive out of it, I took it to certified Collison center and was told this car has been in accident and bumper and fender was repainted which was not disclosed to me during the sale. I contacted the dealer and after hearing no response after couple of weeks, I looked online for good attorney and found Peter. He took my case as soon he heard my version of story and assigned me a certified expert engineer to test drive the car. The engineer concluded that this vehicle has been in an accident and has a Frame damage which makes the vehicle ineligible for being sold as certified pre-owned. Peter handled my case and got the settlement in no time including the transportation costs from out of state, all the loan payment installments including interest paid till date and extra compensation for defrauding done by dealer. I highly recommend peter for cases involving dealer fraud because he won't stop fighting until he wins.

- Abhi R.

I've know Peter Lubin personally and professionally for several years. He's a person I hold in the highest regard due to his professionalism and honesty. There is no other person you want on your side as a business acquaintance and friend. I highly recommend Peter Lubin and his firm!

- Anthony G.

Talk about legal advocates who not only hear you, Peter and his partner not only hear you, they listen! Their integrity and professionalism are approve reproach. Their track record is exceptional for successful and lucrative wins on behalf of their clients. Having had personal experience dealing with LA, I can vouch for their focus on two critically important things: results and relationships. I'd give them 10 stars if I could.

- James Ardito

I reached out to Pete Lubin about an issue my company was dealing with. He listened carefully to me, made sound recommendations for us, and followed up very promptly. I truly appreciate their company's assistance.

- Elizabeth O.

I was in a unique situation that required me to find well versed and talented representation that could provide the help that I needed in a complicated legal matter. What I anticipated being an incredibly desperate and stressful experience concluded with success because I found the right Lawyer, Peter Lubin. I found everything I was seeking in Peter Lubin, who is an experienced and intelligent Attorney that took time to understand my needs, consistently obtained key information on my case, and did an excellent job of keeping me updated on developments along the way. Peter is a highly responsive, exceedingly patient, true professional that is pleasant to work with. Peter Lubin's profound and insightful knowledge of employment law is remarkable, and his approach to my case facilitated a strong position for me. I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the results.

- Craig E.

I worked with Peter Lubin on a case involving dealer fraud regarding one of the McLarens I purchased this year. Peter was super communicative and even started the dialogue with me over a holiday weekend to get the details he needed to get the ball rolling on my case. He connected me with an expert witness to inspect the vehicle, had a report drafted, consolidated all of the ads and communications with the dealer, and put together a suit. With Peter's due diligence, we quickly settled with the dealer that had sold me the vehicle. I definitely recommend working with Peter Lubin if you are in a situation regarding dealer fraud, he genuinely has your best interests at heart.

- Vincent S.

Outstanding Job, quick & to the point. Delivered the exact results he said he would in an extremely efficient and timely manner.

We are an international firm, our credibility is of the utmost importance to us, Peter Lubin and his firm helped us maintain that credibility on an International scale, which to us, is priceless!!

Thank you!!!

- N S.

Have met and worked with many attorneys in course of my business life. Working with Peter was a pleasant surprise. The knowledge, compassion, understanding of clients need and circumstances is rare to find in todays attorneys which Peter brings along with his keen knowledge of law and professionalism.I thank him for all his guidance and support in making right decisions at a right time in winning the case!

- Mehul S.

Lubin Austermuehle is a powerhouse of legal talent. If you want a firm to represent you that is intellectually talented handling almost any facet of litigation from large complex class action suits to personal individual consumer fraud cases, this is the firm. Most important, they will not treat you like a meal ticket charging you every time you call them, or they call you. When I was seeking to hire someone to represent me, I researched about 50 firms and reviewed the resumes of the attorneys and the cases they tried before I made my decision. The credentials and experience of this firm really stood out compared to their peers. They are a very unique legal boutique with the sophistication and breadth of experience commensurate with large law firms. They really care about their clients and decision making is guided by what is best for the client.

Peter Lubin would call me almost every week to see how I was doing and give me an update on my case. It was a horrible time in my life and Peter really helped support me and he never charged me for these calls. Patrick Austermuehle was another lawyer from this firm that worked on my case. He is very astute and genuinely cares about his clients. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and impressed with the legal work performed by Lubin Austermuehle. I would highly recommend them.

- Lynn S.

Peter Lubin and Patrick Austermuehle represented me in a complicated medical/business lawsuit. Peter and his team are not only personable and very professional, but they are also extremely competent litigators.

I got to know Peter and his team very well over the 3 years of litigation in my case. The team is very sharp and talented. They spent the time to really understand the minute details of my case. I felt they were entirely committed. The opposing party threw numerous legal curveballs during litigation. Peter and his team successfully navigated all of them. I was astounded at Peter and his team's preparation and skill in deposing members of the opposing party. Peter is very aggressive when he needs to be. I really felt I had hired the best lawyers to represent me.

Peter even did research and kept in contact with me regarding my case during his vacation! I felt very reassured that Peter was only a phone call away. Anytime I thought of something regarding my case, I did not hesitate to call. He always got back to me if he could not take my call.

My case was settled just before trial and I received 100% of my claim. In addition, all my legal fees were paid by the opposing party.

I recommend Peter Lubin, Patrick Austermuehle and their team without hesitation!

- Zahid A.

I year ago I found myself in a terrible situation created by a former friend of mine who took advantage of my kindness, as well as my family resources and frustrated me to the point of blasting her actions on line by sending a warning message to the rest of my friends within my ethnic community. Unfortunately, my actions gave the opportunity for the same disgruntled and greedy individual to file a libel case against me claiming a defamation of character and all kinds of unsubstantiated damages. First I turned for legal assistance to a neighborhood friend who had good intentions, but very little experience with the libel law. After a few months, I quickly realized that using someone unexperienced could cost me a lot more in the long run, so I took the time to research my options and decided to contact Peter Lubin and his L-A Law firm. Peter immediately tried to help me (even before I had retained his services). I was very impressed of his prompted and caring approach. From the first conversation that I had with Peter I could feel that he had my best interest in mind. He was knowledgeable, honest with my options, and extremely genuine with his time. It took me another month after my initial conversation with Peter to convince myself to switch my legal representation from our family friend, to the professional L-A law firm with proven track record and vast experience with cases such as mine, but I am so glad that I did! Once Peter Lubin and Jason Shanfield took over my representation, my case turned around 180 degrees. Suddenly my defense turned from "stale" (with multiple extensions) to an aggressive and effective representation that led to the dismissal of my case after only one written motion.

The results were simply amazing, especially after I had been told by multiple attorneys that these cases take years to resolve. Fortunately, the clever and impeccable motion written by Jason Sheffield and reviewed by Peter Lubin made it impossible for the opposing side to continue further with their case and led to their voluntary withdraw from this frivolous case. Jason Sheffield graciously yet vigorously defended my case seeking justice for me during the proceedings and pushing tirelessly for the best possible outcome. Both Peter and Jason took the time to explain every step of the process, as well as the possible risks and outcomes. They were both patient and understanding with the decisions made by me as their client providing their genuine advice without imposing their opinion. Although my case was not dismissed with prejudice, I feel comfortable about the possibility of another claim filed against me within the next year, because I have Jason and Peter ready to raise against the challenge beside me should this issue resurface again. The law is a passion for these two attorneys and unlike others, they don't count every second, but instead they make sure that all your needs are well taken care of. Peter had advised me on additional issues beyond the label law for which I am extremely grateful. I am beyond pleased with the results delivered by this outstanding legal team. Therefore, I would strongly recommend both: Peter Lubin and Jason Shanfield to anyone who needs experienced, efficient, and genuine team of attorneys who will provide the savviest legal advice and take immediate actions to protect their clients' interests and well-being. Choosing anyone else to represent you in a libel case would be a costly mistake. They are the best in the Chicago area.

- Iva Lesnik

I really appreciate this opportunity to highly recommend Peter Lubin of the Law Offices of Lubin Austermuehle. I remember about a year ago considering that I might be involved in litigation. This led me to search Google for a lawyer as most people would do. I saw the law offices of Lubin Austermuehle which specialized in the problem I had. I called Mr. Lubin by phone and left a message. He returned my call a short time later. We discussed my case over the phone and I was impressed with Mr. Lubin's insight and experiences. Although I really didn't know him my "instincts" told me this was the right person. Unfortunately, my fears came true and I was eventually sued in federal court months later. When I contacted Mr. Lubin again there was no hesitation that he would take the case. He guided me through the initial paperwork and fees and then did all the required notifications involving my insurance company. Mr. Lubin also asked me to send him the paperwork I had and reviewed same. He then started the process of representing me in court. He filed his appearance as the attorney of record and then set about defending me. Not only did Mr. Lubin defend me in the lawsuit, per se, but he also worked on dealing with my insurance company.

During this process Mr. Lubin contacted me numerous times via text, phone, and email. He and his staff were well prepared for the work that was required. Mr. Lubin made me feel like I was the only one that he was representing. He was thoughtful, professional, and particular mindful of how all this would be affecting me. When it came to his fees he was considerate that monies would have to come from me and not my insurance company. He specifically counseled me to talk to my wife and family to see how his fees could be paid. He was never pushy about this. He allowed me to pay him a set amount over time. When I got discouraged he consistently encouraged me to have faith that I would prevail. He never promised that I would win but he did promise that he would not give up or abandon me. This was absolutely true. I also want to say that Mr. Lubin could not have done all this without his partner, associates, and staff. The staff at Lubin Austermuehle are fantastic. I get updates from them frequently, and yes, I also get the invoices. But they are very kind about it.

I want to let you know that the law offices of Lubin Austermuehle were successful in defending me when I was sued. A federal judge dismissed the case, I believe, as a direct result of the superior legal briefs that Mr. Lubin and company developed. Mr. Lubin is a very aggressive attorney. Aggressive in the sense of defending his clients. I didn't sleep so well during all this but I did sleep better knowing that Lubin Austermuehle and their superior staff were working for me.

- Gerald M.

Peter Lubin is a stand up lawyer who can be trusted. Peter helped me negotiate a settlement for a family member who was unfortunately swindled in a transaction that violated the law. Peter provided advisory because he didn't like what he heard and wanted to help - he was under zero obligation to do this, but he did it anyway. We are incredibly grateful for Peter's time, generosity and most importantly his expertise. I would recommend Peter to anyone who needs legal help.

Dan O.

I had Peter represent me in a complicated business matter. He successfully took it to trial and won the case getting me 100% of what we had claimed at outset.

Peter came across as very competent, professional during the initial stages. But it was during the trial that I really came to know him. He was cunning as a fox, aggressive as a tiger and very meticulous in planning.

He and his partner Patrick dug very deep to get all the facts of the case and caught the defendants committing perjury on several occasions.

He was very approachable, giving me his personal cell. I called him on several occasions on weekends or nights and he would call back right away.

I have had experience with other lawyers, but he is easily the best

- Fazal M.

I do not usually write reviews, but I was very impressed with Peter. I asked him to review an employment contract and he responded immediately. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and he answered all of my questions clearly and honestly. Would strongly recommend.

- Eric Q.

Peter was really nice and helpful when I came to him with an initial question about a non-compete. Would definitely reach out again, recommended to everyone.

- Johannes B.

Peter Lubin helped me know what direction to go with my case. He was absolutely helpful. Would recommend him to anyone.

- Jessica M.

Peter is very professional and responded very quickly to request. He is very good at what he does. Provided me with great advice and is very easy to work with and talk to.

- Senad M.

Reached out to them recently and they provided me with guidance on a contract, and I was very impressed. Candid feedback and recommendations based on their years of experience. They don't sugarcoat things, which I appreciate!

- Jill M.

Peter Lubin is an outstanding trial attorney. He represented our company in an employment matter and was able to guide us to a good resolution in a short amount of time. He is aware of the burden that legal expenses can have on a small business and manages his involvement accordingly. His preference is toward negotiated solutions but is very skilled in the courtroom, should that become necessary. Highly recommended.

- Ken B.

I contacted Peter Lubin at Lubin Austermuehle using the free consultation service on their website to discuss a potential consumer fraud case. Within minutes he promptly replied and we immediately set up a time to talk about my situation the next day. He did an excellent job discussing my options and how best to proceed.

- Jim J.

Pete was so easy to work with, providing me with a quality experience that was transparent, fast, and at fair price. His level communication made me feel comfortable throughout the process.

- Derek C.

We found Peter via a Google search in Chicago. He responded quickly via our online inquiry (even on a weekend). He was very responsive throughout our contact with him & always kept us in the loop with what was happening. We were able to settle our dispute without going to arbitration or a hearing. Peter had good contacts in the business and was well versed with how to handle every part of the process. Thanks Peter!

- Craig S.

"Peter and his team helped us with an auto fraud case. They communicated well (timely and very responsive), investigated deeply, and negotiated a very good settlement. We were able to resolve our significant issue without a large burden and in a manner that allowed for us to come out ahead. I'd recommend Peter and his team strongly!"

- R.J. Callahan

Excellent knowledge on the subject matter. Quick response when requesting a consultation. Their office expertly weighed my options and came up with a plan to help me.

- Dillz41 F.

Peter Lubin is always happy to speak with anyone I send his way, and to help to explain the merits of their situation. He is incredibly gracious in this way. It is part of Peter's nature to deal honestly and generously. Peter simply cannot be anything other than himself. He is engaged and up-to-date on what is happening in the courts, and I know him to be a relentless advocate for his clients. But he also does not seek out a battle unnecessarily. Peter looks for the most effective ways to achieve the right results in his clients' best interests.

- Jessica L. Oldani

Legal team acts as an extension to your business and a true advocate. I know I can count on them for proper business and legal advice.

- Kevin Rubin

I called Peter Lubin for a legal matter concerning a nasty libel case I was dealing with. First Mr. Lubin returned my call quickly, he spoke with me at length and was very knowledgeable. Lubin Austermuehle was helpful & generous with their time. Mr. Lubin went ABOVE and BEYOND calling, emailing and texting advice and his thoughts. I HIGHLY recommend Lubin Austermuehle.

- Northwest Indiana Concrete Cutting

Through a very positive recommendation, I was referred to Peter Lubin a Chicago Non-compete agreement attorney. Peter was a great help in navigating the specifics of a very broad Non-disclosure/Non-compete agreement from a former employer. He was able to quickly address specific questions I had and gave me clarity of what I can and cannot do and an understanding of the implications moving forward. I would recommend his insight for anyone trying to figure out what their NDA actually means.

- Gary C.

Client Reviews
I was referred to Peter Lubin from someone in the car business to handle a law suit. From the moment I made the appointment Peter and his staff were outstanding. This wasn't an easy case, most lawyers had turned me down. However, Peter took the time to meet with me and review everything. He took on the case, and constantly communicated with me about updates and case information. We beat this non-compete agreement case in record time. I would use him again and recommend him to my closest family and friends. 5 stars is not enough to thank him for his service. Sebastian R.
I worked on two occasions with Peter Lubin and his staff. They took their time with me and discussed each and every item in detail. The group makes you feel like you are part of the family and not just another hourly charge. I recommend Peter to anyone who asks me for a referral. If you are looking for a top notch attorney at a reasonable rate, look no further than Lubin Austermuehle. Kurt A.
Excellent law firm. My case was a complicated arbitration dispute from another state. Was handled with utmost professionalism and decency. Mr. Peter Lubin was able to successfully resolve the case on my behalf and got me a very favorable settlement. Would recommend to anyone looking for a serious law firm. Great staff and great lawyers! Albey L.
I have known Peter Lubin for over 30 years. He has represented me on occasion with sound legal advice. He is a shrewd and tough negotiator leading to positive outcomes and averting prolonged legal hassles in court. He comes from a family with a legal pedigree and deep roots in Chicago's top legal community. You want him on your case. You need him on your opponents case. He won't stop fighting until he wins. Christopher G.
Peter was really nice and helpful when I came to him with an initial question about a non-compete. Would definitely reach out again, recommended to everyone. Johannes B.